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Bloomington's Trashion Refashion

IU Fashion submission for Trashion Refashion

Bloomington Fashion is hitting the runway at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater tonight for the 9th annual Trashion Refashion Show. Prior to the show, I had the honor of photographing the submissions from the IU Fashion Design students who were participating in the show this year. Their designs are a wonderful mix of traditional styling and artistic interpretations, all revolving around the theme of upcycling materials that were destined for the landfill. These lookbook photos come together to tell the fashion story of Professor Matranga's class and the talented designers that created these incredible designs.

For each design, read the caption for details about the designer, and click the photo or link below to view more photos of that design.

Ikea dress by Zhou.

Newspaper Dress by Kianna Reed.

Life Jacket by Jake DeRito.

Space Suit by Jake DeRito.

Stuffed Dress by Professor Matranga.

Denim Dress by Mia Scornavacco.

Button Dress by Courtney Broadnax.

CD Dress by Anna Miller.

Feather Dress by Hannah Morrolf.

CD Tarp Dress by Racine Davis.

Quilted Hoodie and Shorts by Philip Ashenbremer.

Paper Skirt by Summerlin Madden.

Ikea Dress by Zoe Smyth.

Fashion Dress by Sophia Puzzello.

Painted by Shiqi Tanq.

Ikea Dress by Naidan Zhang.

Dress by Caroline Tan.

Tie Dress by Niamh Langfitt.

Macy's Dress by Junming Huang.

Wrapping Paper Dress by Kirsten Stenger.

Paper Rose Dress by Marquisha Doolittle.

Plaid and Denim by Kaylee Anderson

Scorpion by Meredith Buckley.




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