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Casual Fashion

Lexis Doan by Seth Teeters

Fashion Photography in Bloomington

Portrait of Lexis Doan

Fashion Photography

Jenna Gonzalez by Seth Teeters

Jenna Gonzalez in Bloomington

Bloomington Fashion Photography

Jenna Gonzalez Portrait in Bloomington

Jenna Gonzalez Fashion Photography

Carrie Brick by Seth Teeters

Carri Brick Portraits

Ashley Gray by Seth Teeters

Portraits of Ashley Gray by Seth Teeters

Bloomington Fashion Photography

Bloomington Fashion Photography in Bloomington, Indiana! This was such a fun shoot with a great group of people. We shot at my studio at Bloomington's historic I Fell Building, with makeup by Amanda Simpson. For this shoot, we wanted to feature the casual fashion that is actually in wardrobes now, and each model brought their favorite pieces to show off. Much of the model selection and styling was from Carly Hutchcraft.

All of the models, as well as Carly and Amanda, brought a lot to this shoot and I wanted to make sure all that work was captured in the best detail. We shot everything in my studio with a bright setup of soft lighting and everything came together perfectly! Be sure to view the behind the scenes story on my instagram account: @SethTeeters

View more of the photos by clicking their name (listed in the same order as shown above) here: Lexis Doan, Jenna Gonzalez, Carrie Brick, Ashley Grey.




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