• Seth Teeters

1818 Apparel Co. Fashion Shoot

In this photoshoot, I wanted to show the retail apparel for 1818 Apparel Company in a high-end studio setting as well as on location in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. Their new retail store is a boutique of different brands that are either local, eco-friendly, or unique to Bloomington, and they also have a custom division that came from the merging of Top It Off and Select Sports Outfitters.

With the new store, they developed the brand "1818" based on the year that Bloomington was founded, with the goal of being a 'uniquely Bloomington' apparel company. To bring that concept to life, they have an in-house custom production facility, along with greek and college apparel, brands producing shirts and hats from recycled materials and sustainable production methods, and fashionable lifestyle brands.

STORE: 1818 Apparel Company ADDRESS: 1200 North College Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana

BRANDS: Free Fly, Social Decay, The Shop Indy, Leto Wholesale, Sneak Peak Denim, Angie, Grace in LA, Cherish, MV Sport, Hippy Tree, E5, Beach Lunch Lounge, Weatherproof, Elan

MODELS: Danielle Guy, Kailee Lawson, Kristen Newman, Brayden Marley, Jordan Guskey, Derek Riffert

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