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Eddie + Derek's Wedding

This was such a fun Bloomington wedding to photograph! It started at Lake Monroe with a small, intimate ceremony, followed by a simple and elegant reception at the Monroe County Fairgrounds. The entire family came together to prepare the decorations, cake and catering, and most aspects of the reception. I started the day with detail photos to show all of the hard work that went into making everything look so great. During the group photos, we had some downtime, which worked out great because the kids were all ready for some fun photos. They did their 'silly' photos and the jumping photo that I showed here, which was one of my favorites from this wedding!

The reception itself, started with normal introductions, and then as the grooms came out and greeted the parents, the entire wedding party broke out into a choreographed dance! I loved the idea and especially how great it turned out. It ended perfectly with a 'drop mic and walkaway' moment, with the entire party tossing their sunglasses. The cake cutting started with a reminder that they weren't going to smash it in each others faces... followed by smashing it in each others faces!

There were so many great photos, but these are the one's that I wanted to share for the sneak peak and to show just some of the fun that happened at their wedding. It was a great time and a fun event to photograph, and I am thankful just to have been a part of it! Eddie and Derek, we wish you many years of happiness!


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