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Krystal + Brooks' Wedding

Congratulations to Krystal & Brooks on such a beautiful and fun Bloomington Barn Wedding! This was my first wedding at The Loft, but it was such a perfect fit for this country wedding. The rolling hills and meadows of wild flowers set the backdrop and the modern barn was the perfect place for this joyous occasion. With rustic wood and colorful flowers, boots and bouquets, and so many wonderful people, it was a wedding that won't soon be forgotten.

Thank you to Krystal & Brooks for making me me part of your big day, and to the great team of friends, family, and professionals that made this day so great!


COORDINATOR: Amy Link Chitwood

MAKEUP: Bri Baumgartner

BARTENDER: Chris Robertson

CATERING: Tim Wilburn

PASTOR: Jimmy Cain

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