Portraiture is a powerful tool for self-exploration — both empowering and a bold statement of confidence. I view intimate glamour portraiture as much more; It is a movement that empowers you to both inwardly view and outwardly express yourself completely freely. Whether you choose to share your images or keep them for your own private collection, my job is to capture and edit the absolute best images that I can provide and that will show you the raw beauty that already exists in you. My hope is that the confidence you will gain will last a lifetime and the beauty deep inside you will show through to the surface in images that will never go out of style.



I am available to do private shoots in any city and any style. I go all out for my clients to provide you with the highest quality glamour images to make you look your absolute best.

Locations can vary wildly, from public locations to your home or a local venue. I don't use a specific studio, but can set up a mobile studio, or for an additional cost can rent any studio or hotel for your shoot. I am available any day of the week as long as I am not previously booked. 

Not every shoot takes the same amount of time. Typical shoots last 2-3 hours, but depending on your project, that could go anywhere from one hour to all day. Contact me to discuss and we will set hours and pricing upfront.

Bloomington Boudoir


Your wardrobe is up to you and can vary from fashion lines to glamour outfits to nothing at all. If you have a specific vision in mind, let me know and I will tell you upfront if I can't do it the way you expect. My job is to make you love your images.


I can call on makeup artists and hairstylists if you need their services, and you will pay them directly. My fees are set up front and I won't charge for additional referrals or help in making your shoot the best that it can be.



Your session will be completely unique to you and includes multiple outfits and locations so that you will have a variety of photos. I will help you plan your perfect shoot and do everything I can to make it as stress-free and fun as I can.

The final product will be the absolute best quality images I can provide for you to improve your portfolio, share with your significant other, or to have for your own enjoyment.

Contact me and let's create something beautiful!